World map - Codiform projection - Martin Waldseemüller.

Title: Cosmographia Universalis
Place published / Year:
Cologne, 1507.
Mapmaker / Publisher:
Martin Waldseemüller.

Technique: Modern reproduction in parts on laid paper.
Size (exc. margins) after mounting: 123.00 x 230.0 cm.

NOTE: this map is an exact replica of the original; it is therefore published in 12 separate sheets. These sheets can be joined with glue to construct the entire map. An instruction is included. 

World map - Codiform projection - Martin Waldseemüller.

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Very important map of the world; it is the earliest map where the name "America"was used as a name for the 'new world'.

Size (exc. margins):

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123.00 x 230.0 cm.


Modern reproduction on laid paper.

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