Europe - Blaeu - 1662

Title: Europe Recens Descripta.
Place published / Year:
Amsterdam, 1662.
Mapmaker / Publisher:
Joan Blaeu

Technique: Modern reproduction on laid paper.
Size (exc. margins): 41.2 x 56.1 cm.

Europe - Blaeu - 1662

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Decorative map of Europe published by Joan Blaeu (1598-1673) for the twelve-volume atlas: Atlas Maior, sive Cosmographia Blaviana, qua solum, salum, coelum, accuratissime describuntur. The Atlas Maior was one of the most expensive and extensive publications of the 17th century. This twelve-volume set contained almost 600 maps and thousands of pages of descriptions. Map of Europe, with decorative border depicting large European cities. 


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Size: 41.2 x 56.1 cm.

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Modern reproduction on laid paper.