Asia - Speed - 1627

Title: Asia with the Islands adioyning described, the atire of the people, & townes of importance.
Place published / Year:
London, 1627
Mapmaker / Publisher:
John Speed.

Technique: Modern reproduction on laid paper, with descriptive text on the reverse and a fold in the middle (as the original was published).
Size (exc. margins): 39.6 x 51.4 cm.

Asia - Speed - 1627


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Decorative map published by John Speed for his atlas: A prospect of the most famous parts of the world (published in London, 1627). Map of Asia as a continent with decorative border depicting: Candy, Goa, Damascus, Jerusalem, Ormus, Bantam, Aden & Macao.

Size (exc. margins):

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39.6 x 51.4 cm.


Modern reproduction in black and white on laid paper (with fold in the middle).

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